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Experience the power of $hit in the palm of your hands.

Stop Flushing and Start Flourishing.

The retail guillotine has been slicing necks since before they ate cake. Essentially, the entire market is designed to liquidate shitty hands.

$hitcoin changes all of that.

Most white papers aren't worth the electrons they're PDF'd on; the $hitcoin Wipe Paper changes all of that.

Stop Forking and
Start Farting

Existing shitcoins rely on forking non-performant, unscalable, insecure and out-of-date Ethereum implementations. Stop forking and start farting with $hitcoin.

$hart Contracts

By employing a Non-Tooting Complete Shart Contract Language - Diarrhea - $hitcoin avoids getting Polka-Dotted by infinite recursion like you know who.

POW-Conscious Mining

By theatrically implementing an ABFT-tolerant consensus mechanism over efficient POW (see for older implementation ideas), the Trilemma is finally transformed from attack surface to attract surface.


In business, there are the things you can control and the things you cannot control.

Clearly, you don't know your ass from a shitcoin, so stop speculating about shit and put the power of $hitcoin in the palm of your hands.

Just look at this $hit.


Dog Years






A two followed by another two.


Looks like a nine if you turn it upside down.

The Boredroom 
- Norm MacDonald


Craig Wright is
Satoshi Nakamoto.

Damn you're still reading this $hit.

Think about that. 

This proves that Attention is the new curren$y via the just noticeable difference.


There's only one thing left to do: Wiz like Khalifa and get on a Paper Plane before it's too shate.

A toilet cannot be unflushed.

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