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The time for laughter is over.



$hitcoin teaches cybersecurity resilience to webₙ asset managers by simulating real-world cyberattacks in webₙ

What if your friendly neighborhood bartender was Bored Ape Yacht Club #8398?

Back in 2021, during the heat of the bull market run, Seth Green had an idea for a new show. If you recall, Seth Green starred in everything from Austin Powers to The Italian Job and Robot Chicken. He had an idea that nobody had ever tried before: creating a TV showed based around an NFT.


Everything was going well. Seth presented at VeeCon and the entire BAYC Community was eagerly anticipating a huge jump in the value of their NFTs. But then everything came crashing down. One morning, Seth Green was social engineered into losing his Bored Ape #8398, throwing the whole show in jeopardy.

The good news is, after a week of back and forth, Seth Green has gotten his ape back...for a couple hundred grand, that is. How long do you think before its stolen again?  How can you build a world on NFTs when people CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO SELF-CUSTODY.

We already know that most cyberattacks target the user and not the user’s technology…and who’s dumber than an Actor? Now despite this clear and present danger, the interest in NFTs is not going away. If anything it’s getting stronger. On June 13, Miami attorneys served a defendant with a temporary restraining order in the from of an NFT following the approval of the service token by a justice of the NY Supreme Court. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s albums used to be owned by Eazy E - they JUST got ownership of their first albums after 30 years of court and are thinking about using NFTs to monetize the use of their music in web3.

There’s only one problem, and it’s the same problem that’s preventing digital currencies and NFTs from going mainstream. The one thing stopping digital currencies and NFTs and the whole tokenizing of the world is simple: security. Humans SUCK at security. They’ve always sucked at security. We build all of these security technologies and pump millions of dollars into firewalls and threat detectors and sketchy software developers for what? Because humans are the number one threat attack surface area on the planet. Everyone holding a digital currency or an NFT or a token is their own worst enemy. These customers like Seth Green wakes up every morning afraid that their Bored Apes are going to be missing…and this is where $hitcoin comes in.


$hitcoin is intended for digital asset managers and their vulnerable, cybersoft communities like the BAYC Community and their Managers. These digital asset managers and their cyberweak communities are unable to protect themselves against phishing attacks (just wait till Seth Green gets hacked again and you’ll see). The $hitcoin ecosystem actively cyberattacks its community NOT to steal their money but to develop their CYBER-RESILIENCE.

By attacking the $hitcoin community using attacks that mimic real-world attacks, the $hitcoin Community will teach its community how to hold onto their webₙ wealth by phishing them in a safe but gamified environment where their wealth is determined by their token holdings $hitcoin teaches web3 cybersecurity resilience by cyber-attacking its own community. The community members who survive the ever-more sophisticated cyber-attacks will be rewarded through $hitcoin; the community members who don’t survive these attacks will have their purchasing ability penalized. By simulating real-world phishing attacks and gamifying the experience through points badges and leaderboards, the $hitcoin community members will be incentivized to be on the look out for and defend against phishing attacks by learning how to learning how to detect, observe, recognize, identify and respond to the very same phishing attacks they’ll face in the real world.

In order for webₙ to be adopted, the influencers must be able to defend themselves against attacks. They have to be able to trust THEMSELVES with their web3 assets. The more they trust the technology, the more they’ll tokenize the world.




oh yeah we've already started phishing - you can see the results below..

shitcoin test.png
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