All acts of creation are generated by the sudden bi-sociation of previously unrelated matrices of experience.

- Koestler, The Act Of Creation

Today, the most disruptive content GOES UNPUBLISHED. Why?


Simple: Content Creators are DISENCENTIVIZED to generate new acts of creation because they have a legally adversarial relationship with their Ecosystem of fellow Content Creators and Loyal Fans.

$hitcoin changes all of that. Or not - people ended up wanting to use PayPal to email money. They astutely wiped away all functionality to serve their End User. The Product is not the marketing but the Consumer Behavior a la Clay Christensen's Innovator's Dilemma.

In a world where your product, service, and brand are indistinguishable from everyone else's, it's only your value-added sales process that sets you apart.

- Challenger Sales Model

Our Story

On May 19th, 2021, a TwitterSpace was opened.

The rest is history. That history will be told on Twitter, because the story is living.

The account that opened the Twitter Space in which an actual occasion occurred is backed by a Glorified Headhunter.

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